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The Skin Specialist has appeared on the television show Ireland Am on TV3 , doing a green peel demo. We have introduced this treatment to Ireland and it is still exclusive to us.


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Natural Life Magazine


“Dear Bernie , thank so so so much for all the treatments over the years!! i have seen a huge improvement in the health of my skin and finding it much more manageable in recent months giving me much more conifidence! thanks so much”

Sinead Dublin

“Bernie my treatment was amazing, my skin feels great thanks so much!”

Caroline Tuam

“Before i found bernie i was never happy with my skin had tried every other lotion you could imagine had probabally spent hundreds was at the stage where i thought my only option was surgery and was only 28 , crazy, then i found bernie and never been happier with my skin , its brighter clearer, i hardly wear any makeup, wow a few years on she practically my life coach too! its a over all therapeutic session where i come feeling and looking revived. Amazing motivating and inspiring person . thanks bernie”

Seberina Portumna

“After my treatment with Bernie my skin feels amazing and looks great you will leave after the treatment feeling and looking great.”

“After my treatment I was thrilled with the results my skin looked so good feels really great!!”

“Have problems with dry , acne scarred skin after two treatments and looking better, looking forward to even more treatments to seen even more improvement!! Thanks so much Girls!!”

“Had acne problems for 10 years came to bernie 3 or 4 times over a space of few months , completely got rid of my redness and blemishes that i had for years!! Fantastic job so grateful love coming back , thanks bernie xx”


“Had a broken red vein on my upper cheek had electrolysis 2 times which resulted in disappearing fairly a painless treatment just a slight sting delighted with the results!! Thanks girls”

Kathleen Partry

“Fabulous customer service and so professional plus alway have a laugh came to solve sensitive skin and feel amazing leaving!!”


“After just two freshup treatments my skin feels amazing great results looks so much better looking forward to more treatments thanks so much!!”


“My skin felt tight and uncomfortable with flare up and red patches that were so embarrassing bernie had the knowledge and expertise to do the right thing by my skin. i found more suppleness and comfort as well as a fresh feeling to my skin . she also gave me the confidence to feel okay about my skin and the knowledge to know how to treat it best thanks bernie”


“Im 16 and have been suffering from severe breakout ive tired many creams but nothing had properly worked. went to see bernie had a fresh up treatment with her it really helped me my skin felt great , i am much more confident now she advised me on correct product to use i feel my skin has improved so much ! thanks”


“I was never confident with my skin as i had really dry skin and had alot of spots that i couldnt seem to get rid off once i had a consultation with bernie and the advise she gave me along with the traetment after one treatment i could feel the difference on my skin it looked great and after the drive from Eniskillen to mayo for treatment it definitely worth it . Thanks bernie”

Shannon, Up north

“Thank you bernie for helping me with my skin problem had acne for couple of year have been on antibotics but didnt want to go down that road then when i heard of your fresh up treatment using natural herbs i wanted to give it a go , after just two teatment my skin felt refreshed and glowing was so happy with the results!”


“Bernie has worked her magic om my skin she truly knows her stuff when it come to skin , my skin has been glowing for last two weeks after my treatment complexion is so refreshed and youthful hadnt have to wear any makeup the skinspecialist gives you the skin you dream about thanks so much!”

“I went to bernie for a session of life coaching i was a nervious at first but as i spoke to her and she asked me my key question i was amazed at how less compicated things in my life actually are would recommend a session of life coaching, really make me see thing different thanks bernie”.

My fist skin problems (such as spots and blemishes) occurred when I became a teenager. I guess I considered that rather ‘normal’ at that age, hoping that these would disappear overtime. But as time went on, my skin condition was not getting any better, in fact it was only getting worse. And of course I was not helping it by squeezing every little spot that came up. It only resulted in leaving a large number of unsightly scabs on my face. When these ‘healed’ they still left me with red aftermarks and new spots would appear continuously. So the whole situation became a vicious circle. I became very aware of my condition, knowing how visible it must have been for the people in my surroundings. This would, of course, hugely weaken my self confidence. I was trying hard to find the reason underlying all this, suspecting it may have been partially a hereditary cause, but also stress and food related. It wasn’t until I read the interview with Bernie in a local paper that a spark of hope lit my way for the first time. She was offering the first consultation for free, so I decided to give it a go! From the first look at my face, Bernie knew immediately what would be the right treatment for me to use. I was hoping ( after reading the article) that she would recommend the ‘Green Peel’ and she did! What I liked about it was the fact that it uses only natural ingredients (such as herbal extracts, algae etc.) Before we could apply the Green Peel, we had to help my skin become a little less irritated. And from the first moment Bernie touched my face it started to improve! After having given up all my hope, this felt like a miracle…The treatment itself felt a little uncomfortable (causing the upper layers of my skin to peel off over a period of couple of days) but I knew the results were worth doing as I was told 🙂 I am now a few weeks after the Green Peel treatment and can’t believe the difference! No more spots coming up and my skin feels so smooth…And do you know what’s the real proof for all what I am saying here? It’s all those people who’ve known me that come and actually say: ‘Your skin is so much better than before!’ So I would really like to thank Bernie for saving my skin, thus improving the entire quality of my life! And of course, all that in a completely confidential way!

The Skin Specialist writes skin related articles for the Mayo News, North West Clare & Natural Life.

Bernie did a talk show on Westport radio.