Skin Tag Removal

Skin Tag Removal

Fibro epithelial polyps or papillomas are commonly known as a skin tag and can most likely be found on the neck and under the arms. A skin tag can most often appear with a neck like a mushroom and be in different sizes from a tiny tag like a grain of sand to the size of a pea or even larger. It usually appears in areas where there is more friction, for example, the underarm, groin, under the breasts, around the neck where you may wear a necklace as it can irritate or even between the eyelashes.

These are all easily, quickly and effectively treated using Advanced Cosmetic Procedures by Bernie Fahy at the Skin Specialist, leaving no visible mark on the skin. Treatment can be a little uncomfortable for some but is easily tolerated.

The Skin Specialist has been treating customers for a variety of skin related conditions for many years which has lead to Bernie Fahy becoming one of the most recognised in her field throughout Ireland. Bernie has made numerous appearances on TV and a regular columnist for a variety of magazines.

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Where do Skin Tags grow?

Below are a few of the more common areas of growth:

  • Base of the neck
  • Under Arms
  • Eyelids
  • Groin Folds
  • Buttock Folds
  • Under the Breasts

Will more grow if I have a Skin Tag removed?

Not necessarily, more will not grow if you remove a skin tag, however, some people are more prone to growths than others and can simply have more growths through time. If you are suffering more regular growths than removal at regular intervals such as every 3 months or annually may be advisable. Speak to our trained specialists for advice on the best course of treatment.

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