Our Treatments

As one of Ireland’s leading skincare specialist we have an extensive range of treatments and specialists to treat a varied range of skin conditions.

Skin Tags

Growths which occur where there is friction, hormonal changes, pregnancy, colour is hyperpigmentation and appear  as loose skin.


Caused by viral infection, feel hard  with a rough surface and are highly contagious, dark in colour and multiple formation.


A common mole is a coloured spot on the skin that develops when pigment cells (melanocytes) grow in clusters.

Red Veins

3 types: spider veins, dilated capillaries and blood spots . Obvious red flat and raised areas with stagnant blood  trapped under the skin. Slightly uncomfortable.

Spider Veins

Red with raised  red skin on the face.


White pearly, rounded hard lumps under the skin, common on eyes and cheeks.


Red , pustules , whiteheads , blackheads and  cysts  with inflammed blemishes, enlarged pores .Caused by bacteria, hormonal  and wrong skin care products.


Skin sensitive to hot, extreme conditions and certain foods cause irritation and flare up of skin.


Dark and light skin, hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation . Sun will affect the skin and damage the skin.


Pitted, marked, deep pores and  uneven texture skin.


Dark in skin colour, found all over the body.

Unbalanced skin with reoccurring breakouts

Oily skin and dry areas triggered by hormanal changes. Reoccuring breakouts,  spots, blocked pores, uneven textures and bacterial  infections. All treatable including adult acne, teenage acne and hormonal acne .

Open Pores

Blackheads, comedones and greasy skin.

Anti Ageing

Dull, tired and wrinkles forming, skin products not effective.

Fine Lines

Wrinkles on the eyes and  upper lip area. Treatments to tighten and lift  to radiant young skin.

Medical Microdermabrasion

Deep cleansing using a vacuum to purify and freshen the skin . Effective on acne.

Semi Permanent Make Up

Permanent make up, also know as micro pigmentation is a process where natural pigments are deposited to the dermal layer. The procedure aims to define and enhance natural features to give desirable shape, colour and definition.

The Herbal Green Peel

Organic compound, increases the blood circulation and causes the skin to peel . Brings vitality and rebalance to the skin as well as reproducing collagen.

Anti wrinkle injections and IPL LASER skin rejuvenation

Using intense pulsed light laser hair removal. This is a non invasive method to heat and destroy the hair root.